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Global warming

  • 1.  Global warming

    Posted 10 days ago
    Global warming increase is here to stay. Some effects will be positive and some negative in regard to life on earth. Some wet areas are becoming dry, some dry areas are becoming wet. Some land masses are becoming water covered. Some ice masses are becoming water. The only thing for sure is change. Life on earth always changes. Will we adapt ? New life forms appear and disappear. Are we as a species any different. We are really fighting amongst ourselves. Resolving that issue can possibly decrease some global warming, but will it be a good or bad long term result. I don't know.

  • 2.  RE: Global warming

    Posted 10 days ago
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    Dear Colleagues,

    Since the climate change issue has arisen again, I have decided to submit a possible solution for your review. Attached to this email is an excel file for a patent pending invention; I am submitting this content to you as a means to produce electricity in a sustainable, cleaner manner.

    Please note that the four acre scale up basis was completely arbitrary. I would envision that utility scale installations would be far larger to capitalize on economies of scale.

    Challenges: this patent pending renewable energy invention requires a lot of land, a lot of sunlight, and probably a significant amount of water and other supplies.

    Benefits: If built, this sustainable electricity plant would be the first solar powered facility in the world able to produce electricity on a 24/7 basis without the use of batteries or thermal storage, although some thermal storage may be advantageous. In my opinion, this plant would also be cleaner and more sustainable than most current methods in use. Please also note that the combustion products of ethanol would be sent to the hybrid clean energy units. In these units, the switch grass would convert the carbon dioxide into oxygen that would be used during the subsequent evening for combustion. So, not only is the fuel carbon neutral, the fuel is also combusted in a manner which leads to minimal NOx emissions. The end result is that this facility would have quite minimal CO2 and NOx emissions, yet the facility would produce electricity on a 24/7 basis. In my opinion, this sustainable electricity plant would help to reduce problematic CO2 and NOx emissions to the atmosphere that typically arise in the generation of electricity from fossil fuels.

    The hybrid clean energy units noted on the attached spreadsheet are glorified greenhouses; the hybrid clean energy unit is a greenhouse with parabolic trough solar collection units on the ceiling.

    The scale up estimates, emphasize estimates, that I have provided at the top of the spreadsheet are based on preliminary calculations. The hybrid clean energy units would be 50% covered with solar thermal parabolic troughs. The remaining solar energy would be used by the switch grass. As noted above, this method is patent pending and is currently under review by the USPTO.

    Fellow colleagues, please let me know your initial thoughts on the commercial potential of this invention. In addition, please let me know if any commercial firms, research institutions, or universities would be interested in building a pilot plant. Finally, please contact me if any questions arise or if additional information is needed. As always, feedback is appreciated.

    Thanks in advance for your consideration of this matter.


    Tom Regrut
    Cleaner Energy LLC

    B.S. Chemical Engineer
    The Ohio State University
    AIChE Member