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    Posted 9 days ago
    I am the chair of this group , see the note below, and am trying to connect research of medical textiles performed by universities 
    With the medical community
    Whom  I feel are not as aware  
    Of their potential positive impacts , as they should be .
    A feedback loop could also help fine tune the development of these tools.
    Do you feel feedback loops are important in the development of products for the medical community?
    Chris Semonelli
    Middletown Rhode Island

    Dear ATP Members,

    My name is Chris Semonelli, and I am the new chair of the ATP Advisory Board. 

    Thank you all who attended the ATP Open Meeting at IFAI Expo in Orlando. Please see below for the meeting minutes. 

    At this meeting we discussed the desire to develop a plan to better encapsulate the needs of the membership and industry. With this, a suggestion was to provide more programming on textile advances in the medical field. This can provide education and a feedback loop to the medical community and researchers. This can be implemented with sessions at the Smart Fabrics Summit coming up this April in Washington D.C. and webinar programming throughout the year. The division can also collaborate with other medical events to partner and provide education on textile innovation along with understanding the true needs in the field.

    With this concept, the board is asking its members to respond to this email for ideas, content and valuable shows to attend in the medical industry. Our goal is to have executed this plan and present results the ATP Open Meeting at IFAI Expo 2020 in Indianapolis.

    Please reach out to Division Supervisor, Janelle Buerkley by December 1, 2019 with any interest in being part of the committee along with any ideas. Upon receiving your feedback, the board will then appoint a committee and create a plan, budget and timeline within another 30 days (Jan 1, 2020).

    Thank you,

    Chris Semonelli

    ATP Advisory Board Chair

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