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Cope up present situation with Yoga

  • 1.  Cope up present situation with Yoga

    Posted 03-30-2020 04:43

    I am Rama, worked as head of plant operations at IG Petrochemicals Limited.

    Due to Coronavirus everywhere people are restricted to houses or respected living places, which might be leading to loneliness and boredom.

    In order to keep morale high and maintain health – Yoga is one of the best idea. I am willing to help people by giving yoga training to all members.

    I have been practicing yoga since 15 years rigorously (Daily ~ 3 hours). I have read many books on Yoga of many types, but I am a practitioner of patanjali Yoga, which is ancient, precious Indian technique. I am also helping my family members for training yoga. As per my experience, it will develop positive thoughts, attitude along with health. It will avoid boredom or loneliness which will help in times like this. Also, it is known to control Blood pressure and sugar levels.

    People who are interested can contact me. I am willing to offer practical video sessions. If people have any doubts, people can contact me over mail individually.

    Hope to keep you engaged in positive aspects in isolation times like this.......

    Yoga: Way of Life


    Ex. Head Plant Operations

  • 2.  RE: Cope up present situation with Yoga

    Posted 03-31-2020 08:08
    Rama - thank you for offering this to this community.

    Yoga is a beautiful and ancient practice that many across the world benefit from.  I am happy to already have a practice, and want to encourage others to explore this opportunity.  The mind-body integrative nature of the movement meditation is helpful to me in calming racing thoughts and returning back to the present moment and what I can do now instead of dwelling on things I wish I had done or incessantly worrying about what the future may bring.  It helps me to focus my mind and make clearer decisions that impact my success moving forward.

    Focusing on the breath and gently encouraging the mind back to the breath as it wanders can build resilience and encourage us to find points of gratitude in the midst of chaos and uncertainty.  The practice of yoga can help us train our brains to overcome our human negativity bias and search instead for positive experiences that can temper our deep feelings of isolation and fear in these times.

    Yoga is an ancient practice, but its benefits are well supported by rigorous scientific research over the past few decades.  Positive Psychology studies also substantiate many of the same techniques (predominantly mindfulness practices) that yoga has been touting for centuries.

    I hope all the best for each member in our community during trying circumstances!

    Teni Butler
    Coatings and Inks Tech Service Rep
    Eastman Chemical Company
    Kingsport TN

  • 3.  RE: Cope up present situation with Yoga

    Posted 04-01-2020 02:36

    Thank you for the response – Teni Butler.

    Good to note that you are already practicing.

    As rightly pointed out Control of mind is important at this juncture. Due to external circumstances and continuous bombardment of spreading news about COVID-19, there more likely chances of people will follow up about the news of COVID-19 and fully occupied with the same thoughts.  Keeping mind calm is big challenge for normal person. Otherwise continuous changing scenarios outside may develop fear and thereby leading to less immunity.

    Consumption of proper or healthy food, exercising (Asanas), meditating and taking rest (timely) are important to cope with the situation. The person who is meditating will develop an ability to check his anxieties and overcome with practice. The person will be able to calm down with pranayam (control on breath). Before trying this one must follow conditions specified by Patanjali. Otherwise it may be harmful also. Happy note that you are practicing. It clears body and mind also.

    Individual who utilizes this opportunity can enhance his performance after this period or succumb to unnecessary stress during this period.

    Still many people think that Yoga is Asanas (Postures or flexibility) and we are observing different types of Yogas nowadays. Benefits of Yoga are much beyond.  

    Thanks for your mail and happy practicing!

    Wish, you will come out with more rigorous energy after this crisis.


    Yoga is way of life

    Head Plant Operations