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Community of common destiny for all mankind
0 5 hours ago by Han Li
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What skills do ChemEs need in the 21st Century?
21 6 hours ago by Linh Pham
Original post by Loraine Kasprzak
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Life Cycle Costs
3 11 hours ago by John Rudesill
Original post by Neil Yeoman
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Enhance Chemical Engineering concept /knowledge culture
3 17 hours ago by Alfredo Saettone
Original post by Nasser Al Hadidi
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UofH Symposium = Renewable Subsidies = yes or no.
16 19 hours ago by William Wagoner
Original post by Richard Strait
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Engineers in the Olympics
0 yesterday by Emily Miksiewicz
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Hastelloy C-22
2 yesterday by Larry Bagzis
Original post by Evgeny Zlotnikov
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Process Plant Safety
3 yesterday by Fathya Salih
Original post by Abdulrahman Alshwish
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What do you think of the term "best practice?"
19 2 days ago by Nasser Al Hadidi
Original post by Richard Byrnes
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Chemical Engineering in the study of Landfill gas
18 2 days ago by Henry Waldron
Original post by Bertha Ibarra Lopez
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All models are wrong, but some are useful
14 3 days ago by Venkat Subramanian
Original post by Joseph Alford
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Climate Change Open Discussion 147 3 days ago by Neil Yeoman
Original post by Thomas Rehm
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Reduction of sediment from RFCC slurry
1 3 days ago by Brian Hedrick
Original post by Syed Gohar
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First Year Summer
6 3 days ago by Peter Arnaudov
Original post by Harsh Patel
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Viable uses for gypsum/gypsum like material from scrubber systems
2 4 days ago by Samuel Davis
Original post by Randy Waskul
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High school internship for chemical engineering
6 4 days ago by Elizabeth Sendich
Original post by Andrea Cavalier
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Hidden Hazards
3 9 days ago by Louis Diamond
Original post by Samuel Davis
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Chemical Engineering In Optimizing WWTP
5 9 days ago by Andrew Steurer
Original post by Aljazi Alshareef
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Engineering Management
0 10 days ago by ANIETIE AKPAN
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Value Cost Center
1 12 days ago by Kevin Pinto
Original post by Jarrod Clark
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Have a Student Chapter related question? Ask the ESC!
16 12 days ago by Anna Wagner
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Pressure control valve in Liquid pipeline for two refrigeration trains
7 13 days ago by Mohan Raj Sadatcharam
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Nickel detection using UV spectrophotometer
1 13 days ago by Bryan Piguave
Original post by Mohsina Sherief
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Importance of Operating Manuals / Work Instructions
9 13 days ago by Jimmy Kumana
Original post by Neville Mistry
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Remnants of Chemican Engineering's Core Discipline
9 14 days ago by Gary April
Original post by Ruth Misener
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12 15 days ago by Daniel Lariviere
Original post by Han Li
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AI in Process Industries
9 15 days ago by Joseph Alford
Original post by Rajan Rathinasabapathy
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Recovery of Li from dead Li-ion battries
1 16 days ago by Patrick Robinson
Original post by Rohit Punjabi
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Sintering Process
1 18 days ago by Rohit Punjabi
Original post by Ricardo Rossi
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Inherently Safer Technologies
0 19 days ago by Neal Langerman
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Audits and Assessments
8 22 days ago by Joseph Alford
Original post by Ian Sutton
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Modeling, simulation and optimisation of pulp and paper production processes.
0 24 days ago by Abdulfatai Faro
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Final year project
0 25 days ago by Syed Anas Ashab
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final year project
0 26 days ago by Timothy Wembabazi
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The person that helped you to succeed
4 25 days ago by Godstand Aimiuwu
Original post by Eun Ji Chung
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PPT On Wastewater Treatment Process
0 28 days ago by Fatehi Bljufi
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List Out All The Sources For Professional Development Of Environmental Engineers
3 28 days ago by Aljazi Alshareef
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Chromic acid
7 29 days ago by Stephen Nelson
Original post by Suzanne Thomas Powell (Cole)
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Rescue the oceans from plastic
0 29 days ago by Seyyed Mohammad Mousavi Sani
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Bulletproof Polymersl and Composites
0 29 days ago by Ariel Riofrio
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How did you celebrate the New Year?
9 one month ago by Moosa Al Lawati
Original post by Anna Wagner
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Chemical Engineer's Role in the American Economy
3 one month ago by John Sharland
Original post by Christina Borgese
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Making New Products for Personal Care/Cosmetics
4 one month ago by Samuel Ebhodaghe
Original post by Mays Shehadeh
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Help on ppt presentation on Non Renewable energy
0 one month ago by Bukke Naik
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Decolourisation Of Distillery Spent Wash
0 one month ago by Amanya Mujuni
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internship abroad
0 one month ago by Nitika Parashar
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Chemical engineer advice
0 one month ago by Aditya Pani
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Graduate School 6 one month ago by James Ryland
Original post by Godstand Aimiuwu
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Annual Student Conference (ASC)- Review 2017 1 one month ago by Emily Miksiewicz
Original post by Ahmad Muhmmad
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Effective hands-on ChE activities for all ages 9 one month ago by Jean Hunter
Original post by Ellen Kloppenborg
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