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Community of common destiny for all mankind
0 12 hours ago by Han Li
What skills do ChemEs need in the 21st Century?
21 13 hours ago by Linh Pham
Original post by Loraine Kasprzak
Life Cycle Costs
3 17 hours ago by John Rudesill
Original post by Neil Yeoman
Enhance Chemical Engineering concept /knowledge culture
3 23 hours ago by Alfredo Saettone
Original post by Nasser Al Hadidi
UofH Symposium = Renewable Subsidies = yes or no.
16 yesterday by William Wagoner
Original post by Richard Strait
Hastelloy C-22
2 yesterday by Larry Bagzis
Original post by Evgeny Zlotnikov
What do you think of the term "best practice?"
19 2 days ago by Nasser Al Hadidi
Original post by Richard Byrnes
Chemical Engineering in the study of Landfill gas
18 2 days ago by Henry Waldron
Original post by Bertha Ibarra Lopez
All models are wrong, but some are useful
14 3 days ago by Venkat Subramanian
Original post by Joseph Alford
Climate Change Open Discussion 147 3 days ago by Neil Yeoman
Original post by Thomas Rehm
Reduction of sediment from RFCC slurry
1 3 days ago by Brian Hedrick
Original post by Syed Gohar
Viable uses for gypsum/gypsum like material from scrubber systems
2 4 days ago by Samuel Davis
Original post by Randy Waskul
High school internship for chemical engineering
6 5 days ago by Elizabeth Sendich
Original post by Andrea Cavalier
Hidden Hazards
3 9 days ago by Louis Diamond
Original post by Samuel Davis
Chemical Engineering In Optimizing WWTP
5 10 days ago by Andrew Steurer
Original post by Aljazi Alshareef
Value Cost Center
1 12 days ago by Kevin Pinto
Original post by Jarrod Clark
Pressure control valve in Liquid pipeline for two refrigeration trains
7 13 days ago by Mohan Raj Sadatcharam
Importance of Operating Manuals / Work Instructions
9 14 days ago by Jimmy Kumana
Original post by Neville Mistry
Remnants of Chemican Engineering's Core Discipline
9 15 days ago by Gary April
Original post by Ruth Misener
12 16 days ago by Daniel Lariviere
Original post by Han Li
AI in Process Industries
9 16 days ago by Joseph Alford
Original post by Rajan Rathinasabapathy
Inherently Safer Technologies
0 19 days ago by Neal Langerman
Audits and Assessments
8 22 days ago by Joseph Alford
Original post by Ian Sutton
The person that helped you to succeed
4 25 days ago by Godstand Aimiuwu
Original post by Eun Ji Chung
List Out All The Sources For Professional Development Of Environmental Engineers
3 29 days ago by Aljazi Alshareef
Chromic acid
7 29 days ago by Stephen Nelson
Original post by Suzanne Thomas Powell (Cole)
Chemical Engineer's Role in the American Economy
3 one month ago by John Sharland
Original post by Christina Borgese
Graduate School 6 one month ago by James Ryland
Original post by Godstand Aimiuwu
Effective hands-on ChE activities for all ages 9 one month ago by Jean Hunter
Original post by Ellen Kloppenborg
How I can Evaluating the performance or behavior to the Dehydration process.
4 one month ago by Kamal Shah
Original post by Rosmer Chirino
Certifications related to Environmental Engineering
3 one month ago by Robert Lanza
Original post by Aljazi Alshareef
Making presentations 27 one month ago by WILLIAM LEIGHTY
Original post by Robert Bly
Permits for pigging
7 one month ago by John Westover
Original post by Akhil Das
Core Curriculum that Improves Analytical Skills? 6 one month ago by William Stuble
Original post by Nastassja Lewinski
Thermo question
3 one month ago by John Braccili
Original post by Charles Sanderson
Experiential Learning, Arduino, Controls, Energy
0 one month ago by Cory Jensen
What made you grow professionally 14 one month ago by Somnath Basu
Original post by Holly Murphy
Risk Management
13 one month ago by Aljazi Alshareef
19 one month ago by David Hurban
Original post by Robert Bly
Operations Planning and Management
1 one month ago by Joseph Alford
Original post by Gary Sawyer
Waste heat boiler pressure effect
5 2 months ago by Kuanysh Dosmuratov
Environment Temperature
6 2 months ago by Thomas Wilson
Original post by Han Li
The Next Breakthrough in our Field
10 2 months ago by Gregory Fleischman
Original post by Cole DeForest
Landing a Consultant Role as a young ChE 16 2 months ago by Stephen Nelson
Original post by Akash Narani
Push Carbon Dioxide Trapped
0 2 months ago by Han Li
Modeling Human Metabolism as Output of Nutritional Intake 10 2 months ago by Mark Ulrich
Original post by Pawel Fudala
Clean Water Industry
2 2 months ago by John Maziuk
Original post by Brian Lynch
Liquid Hydrogen
0 2 months ago by Wilmer Huertas
Fresh Graduate Interview 3 2 months ago by Iman Beheshti Tabar
Original post by Amina Karami
Role of Process Engineers - Chemical Engineers in Industries
4 2 months ago by Kotti Kumar
Original post by Venkat Subramanian