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Benefits and relevance of Chemical Engineering PE relative to other advanced qualifications 11 yesterday by Jesse Wilson
Facility Siting Maximum Credible Event 4 4 days ago by Bryan Wan
“Higher edu­ca­tion cannot keep doing things the way it has for the past 300 years,”-Northeastern’s innovative partnership with GE draws broad national media attention 8 4 days ago by Gary Sawyer
Global Climate Change 92 5 days ago by Neil Yeoman
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Young Professional Seeking Career Advice with respect to Industry 4.0 4 13 days ago by Rajan Rathinasabapathy
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CO2 Capture, Utilization, Recycle, etc. 1 19 days ago by Ronald Zylla
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The Introverted Leader – An Oxymoron? 11 26 days ago by Neil Yeoman
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Trying to understand the effects that the Aqueous polyurethane (water-borne polymer) producing in phase inversion 0 28 days ago by Hsien Yu Wang
Getting Started as a Young Professional 11 one month ago by Kurt Schneider
Bioreactor conceptual design 2 one month ago by Timothy Nordahl
US Job Market after Election 1 one month ago by Javier Gutierrez Cruz
What causes the CO2 to peak every thousand years? 8 one month ago by T Griffith
The Dividends of Funding Basic Science-Mr. Reif is the president of MIT. 2 one month ago by Michael Gentilcore
After Certified Process Safety Professional (CCPSP) Credential 0 one month ago by Alexander Lua
From Member to Senior Member 6 one month ago by Jimoh Kayode Adewole
Millennial Leadership 8 one month ago by Paul Higgins
I voted "NO" to all changes. 4 one month ago by Stephen Brecht
Inculcating Business Administration in Chemical Engineering 0 one month ago by Curtis Uwuigbe
Focus on People 0 one month ago by Jack Pankoff
Sustainable Engineering Education Survey 2 one month ago by Vishwas Pangarkar
A broader approach to world problems 6 one month ago by Herman Bieber
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API 754 Second Edition - Changes 1 one month ago by Reza Mostofi
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Trump Science and Energy Policy 10 one month ago by Louis Mielke
How to Behave at After-Hours Functions 1 one month ago by Jonathan Haughton
Global warming 7 one month ago by William Wagoner
Food and the Environment 5 one month ago by Caroline Reynolds
Petition Candidacy 17 one month ago by Neil Yeoman
An Interesting Nominee for the Last CSB Vacancy 0 2 months ago by Richard Rosera
Process Safety Management in an Ammonia Production Plant 5 2 months ago by Kotti Kumar
Concentrating an acidic feed stream with reverse osmosis 3 2 months ago by Sankar Raghavan
How does your organization do economic studies? Are new engineers adequately trained in engineering economics? 10 2 months ago by Michael Robertson
Proposed Amendments to AIChE Constitution 86 2 months ago by Neil Yeoman
Failure Analysis 6 2 months ago by Varagur Rajan