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Will engineers be in high demand 10 or more years from now?
10 an hour ago by Nader Shakerin
Global Climate Change
62 2 hours ago by Georg Christensen
Use of Simulation For Safety Training and Investigation
1 2 hours ago by Nader Shakerin
Boiler Continuos Blowdown Valve sizing criteria
3 2 days ago by Robert Clay
Coal Gasification
0 2 days ago by HAN LI
Looking for Career Advice
9 3 days ago by Stephen Brecht
Opportunity Costs of Professional Development
2 3 days ago by Caroline Reynolds
0 4 days ago by Cecilia Mazza
PSM; Replacement in kind
9 4 days ago by David Hurban
Where can I get new information on mixing?
14 5 days ago by Sabine Brueske
Food and Health
14 5 days ago by Neil Yeoman
Unloading Hydrochloric Acid Into A Sulfuric Acid Tank
6 6 days ago by Richard Rosera
Condensate contaminated with H2S
3 6 days ago by Zalman Zitron
Estimation Of S&T Hex
1 9 days ago by Javier Gutierrez Cruz
Estimation of osmotic pressure and its applications for polymeric solutions
0 9 days ago by Amirashkan Askari
Going Into Consulting?
5 10 days ago by Norman Sammons
Source of Scale-Up Cartoon
0 10 days ago by Kristin Hecht
Introduce Yourself!
94 11 days ago by Trevor Hobson
AIChE Constitution Amendments - Ballot Results?
2 11 days ago by Gordon Ellis
Operation of parallel pumps
9 12 days ago by Jimmy Kumana
TNT Equivalence
8 16 days ago by Robert Bugiada
Artificial Intelligence and IoT for Process Control
14 16 days ago by Qi Chen
Tomorrow's Manufacturing Revolution
3 16 days ago by Christopher Semonelli
Definition of a Worst Case Environmental Scenario
6 19 days ago by Varagur Rajan
Advice on preparing for PE exam...
16 21 days ago by Norman Sammons
CSB Report on Freedom Industries Spill in 2014 Draws Criticism
11 23 days ago by David Hurban
New Ch.E. PE Handbook
11 24 days ago by Joseph Cramer
Tips for Getting Back into Engineering
2 26 days ago by Robert Bugiada
Chemical Engineers in Industry (Outreach for CHEE 101 Class)
11 26 days ago by Jack Hipple
Investigation of Fatal Reboiler Rupture – CSB Report
6 27 days ago by David Hurban
Just want to say Hi to all respected members
0 28 days ago by Jaimin Shah
Questions about DOE and SPC
4 28 days ago by Nader Shakerin
Emergency drill causes an emergency
0 one month ago by Karthikeyan Balan
Banning Hydrofluoric Acid Use at Two California Oil Refineries
3 one month ago by Richard Rosera
Young Professionals in Local Sections
4 one month ago by Jose Montenegro
A new method to measure motivation of students
1 one month ago by Ronald Shewchuk
Spacing requirements for crude petroleum tanks
5 one month ago by Akhil Das
Any tips for ChemEs using Excel spreadsheets?
12 one month ago by Seifullah Bello
Benefits and relevance of Chemical Engineering PE relative to other advanced qualifications
11 one month ago by Jesse Wilson
Facility Siting Maximum Credible Event
4 one month ago by Bryan Wan
“Higher edu­ca­tion cannot keep doing things the way it has for the past 300 years,”-Northeastern’s innovative partnership with GE draws broad national media attention
8 one month ago by Gary Sawyer
Global Climate Change
92 one month ago by Neil Yeoman
Young Professional looking for Grad School advice
5 one month ago by Janee McNeil
Young Professional Seeking Career Advice with respect to Industry 4.0
4 one month ago by Rajan Rathinasabapathy
Community Involvement by Engineers.
16 one month ago by Christopher Semonelli
Looking for a mentor and/or advice on job positions in MD
4 one month ago by Reghina Allen
Your advice for dealing with difficult coworkers
4 one month ago by Loraine Kasprzak
CO2 Capture, Utilization, Recycle, etc.
1 one month ago by Ronald Zylla
Advice after Being Laid Off
7 one month ago by Jonathan Haughton
Volunteer Service
0 one month ago by Neil Yeoman